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College Bound! The AVID Program

SHSEF supports the Advancing Via Individual Determination, (AVID) Program at Sequoia, which focuses on closing the opportunity gap among at-risk students.

For the past 13 years, AVID has shepherded hundreds of students to academic success. This year, all 46 AVID seniors were accepted to a four year college, including UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, Grambling State University, to name a few!

The foundation for success starts with SHSEF sponsored “College Day,’” during which all freshmen visit a college campus. SHSEF also supports program operations, so that the AVID teachers can focus on the students rather than on fundraising.

“AVID has given me confidence to prove not only to myself but to the people around me that I can achieve everything I set my mind to.” - Maria C., Class of 2020, Attending UC Merced in Fall '20


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