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Thanks to our supporters who helped us reach our campaign goal

Donor Roll for July 2020 to June 2021

Donors that doubled their donation through employer matching gifts noted with an asterisk (*) below

See Employer Matching Donors.




Anonymous (3)

Monique Burtschell and Charles Inman

Alexia and Henry Moore

Adrienne and Matthew Heist

William Popik


Give gifts $2,500 or greater

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$5,000 - $9,999

Anonymous (1)

Melissa Daniels

Tanya and Mike Lazzaroni

Carlin and Ben Politzer

Jane and Paul Taylor

Rebecca and David Tom



$2,500 - $4,999

Anonymous (5)

Heather Alexander and John Swinnerton

Kimberly Woolley and Alistair Barr*

Jan and Page Benway

Jennifer and Don Michael Berry

Jeannette and Christian Bjoernsen*

Kathryn and Jeremy Blanchard

Natascha Bock*

Margaret and Ted Brockman

Kevin and Junko Bryant

Eirene Chen and Stephen Cottrell

Jay and Kate Corpus*

Erika and Guy Cross

Carter and Kirsten Crum

Antonia and Darin Daskarolis

Karen and James Dawes

Kate and Sherman Dickman

Leslie and Michael Doyle

Meg Fitzpatrick

Sean and Kerry Folan*

Gretchen and Warren Fox

Karen and Thomas Gebhart

Josie Gillan and Alan Jacobsen

Brent and Maya Goetz

Kirsten and Steffan Haithcox

Syed Arif Ahsan and Nadia Haque*

Kobi and Samantha Iki

Eric, Molly and Joseph Johnson

Angie and Keith Jones

Jackie and Winston King

Mark Olson and Linda Kleinschmidt

Rebecca Taylor and Anthony Kovscek

Eric Krantz and Eileen Mockus

Tom Annau and Kelly Lawrence

Peter Levinson and Jessika Welcome*

Susan and Eric Lier

Kim and Quynh Liou

Michele and Eric Moyer

Elisa Nino-Sears and Justin Sears

Amy and Steve Obana

Amy and Michael Ollmann*

Lynn and Jeff Pierce*

Annika and Jay Reinemann

Lynn and Jeff Pierce

Elizabeth and Josh Rowell

Tessa Solomon and Rex Delizo

Sarah and Eric Sorensen

John and Emily Sullivan*

Andrew and Aimee Swanson

Danielle and Chris Van Wert

Brian and Jamie Williams*



$1,200 - $2,499

In Honor Of

Anonymous (8)

Amy Blodgett and William Stafford

Ohnmar and Daniel Bomya

Noel and David Brown

Douglas Buckley and Shelley Salpeter

Alwin Chan and Zoanne Nelson

Icheng Chi and Zach Sweeney*

Doug Karmin and Kristen Clements*

Alana and Mark Corso

Robert Crews and Margaret Sena

Jeanne and Seth Digel

Bahram Memarzadeh and Hoa Duong

Brett and Pamela Ehrlich*

Elvie and Arnie Ferfas

Benjamin Fisch and Amy Burroughs

Dorinda Fuller and Richard Gee

Eva Iglesias and Lohren Green

Avani and Ashish Gupta

Arielle Hall*

Antoine F. and Marjorie Hamelin*

Kim and Owen Hartman

Srinivas Krishnamurti and Jeannie Hengtgen

Erin Hitch*

Alain Hofmann

Michelle and Tom Huljev

Patricia and David Jacobson*

Jill and Peter Kadlec

Nani Kadrichu and Scott Ellis*

Barba Kandarian

Isha Bhatt and Gurudey Karanth

Kristine Kocher and Chris Dolezalek

Ron and Amy Kodl*

Adam and Karyn Kurland*

Marianne Jett

Shannon Lyons

Greg Marcus and Rachel Kindt

Martha McDaniel Landels and Edward Landels

Sara and Gregory McDowell

Thane and Sara Myers*

Ann Mylod Yee

Edward Hardie and Christopher O'Hare*

Jana Paquette and John Huang

Kathy and Laura Parmer-Lohan*

Tammy and Timothy Pigot

Heather Shaw and Jonathan Podmore

Kajal Rameshandra Vibhakar and Raghu Kodige

Courtney and Douglas Rappoport

Susan and Joseph Raymond

Jennifer and Scott Rudy

Robert Rush*

Michelle and Greg Sarrail

Kerstin and Ulf Schenk

Michael Seidelhuber and Kathi Matuzek

Nina and Jay Shah

Danny Shapiro and Kathleen Palmer

Eli Sheynin and Denise Silverman

Tricia and Dan Smith

James Smith

Sarah and Eric Sorensen

Aila and Bryan Spinelli-Stansell

Libbie and Aaron Thacker

Todd and Lisa Wagner

Randy and Jennifer Webb*

Kristine and Victor Westerlind

Mari and Terence Woodsome

Merin Yu



$500 - $1,199

Anonymous (11)

Jasi Atwal and Greg Govoni*

Cynthia and Marco Baisch

Virginia and Roni Barasch*

Laura Bauer and Paul Bradley

Joelle Benvenuto and Philippe Jamotte

Dawn and Chris Brozek

Jennifer Buechel and Raymond Tenenbaum

Steven Butler

Michele Chase Kashap and Christopher Kashap*

Juliana and Rodney Chu*

Joshua and Yuko Danovitz

Tammy and Rob De Marco

Paul and Brana Dixon

Joan and Allan Fisch

Michele and Marc Francesconi

Julia Gonzales and Christopher Manton*

Yael Goshen and Dylan Smith

Taymar Hartman and Peter Stathis*

Stacy and Gjalt Huisman

Marc Jacobs and Rita Wong


Ben and Kirsten Johnson*

Julie Juergens and Erik Budde

Mimi and Robert Kahn

Aya Kawashima

Doran Donnelly and Karen Looye Donnelly*

Alisa and Neil MacAvoy*

Tammi Ng-Lee*

Eric and Kristin Olson*

Lisa Pokorny

Amy and Eric Sahn

Susannah Sallin and Tom Scherer

Paul and Beth Schult

Grace and Andrew Schulz

Julie and Joe Seroogy

Bradley and Darryl Shafer

Nicole Sommerfeld

Oliver Steiner and Raheela Kausar*

Velma Velazquez and Jeffrey Weintraub*

Linda Cutting and Matthew Ward

Alicia Yamashita and Vladimir Tetelbaum




Anonymous (10)

Lynn Bauer Jones and Timothy Jones

Sandra and Keith Bautista

Hans S. and Nancy Bender*

Stephanie and Steven Blau

Julie and Ray Bolanos

Kathy Bollinger*

Jami Lieberman and Hugh Burnham*

Linda and Jon Burt*

Janaina Carvalho Pilomia*

Julia Chalios

Linh Tran and John Chan

Laura Downs and Eugene Dovydaitis

Lea Cuniberti Duran*

Lisa Earnhardt

Alan and Peggy Ellis

Helen and Michael Green

Rosalin Harman

Kristin and Paul Henige

Terry and Daniel Jacobs

Daniel Harrington and Kara Juneau

The Holloway Charitable Fund

Heather Kinser

Robert Kirchgatter

Maeve and Bruce Knoth

The Knuedler Family

The John McDowell Trust

Sara Meltzer


Andrew and Valli Israels Mendlin

Lorraine Mendlin

Lil Morales

Nelida and Sandro Morales

Joseph Munday

Patty and Paul Nelson

Jennifer and Donn North

Patricia and Kevin O'Connor

Daniel Petelin

Bonnie and Bill Petit

Erica and Hans Pompen*

Julie Propp and Luther Knox

Tim and Dana Rechin

Allan Reed

Harold and Marilyn Lee Schefski

Gerald and Katherine Schembri

Kevin and Shelley Scott

Joyce and Jerry Shefren

Luke and Katarina Sieling

Jason Solomon

Sara Moorhead and Joshua Solomon

Diane and Eric Sweet

Chris and Carol Thomsen

Jonathan and Erika Vetter

Alan Whittemore


Nathaniel and Anne Allen

Meredith and Scott Armienti

Jessica Mihaly and Craig Baker

Patricia and Vince Barott

Wendy and Thomas Bastis

Laurent Bouis

Lisane D. and Patrick Brennan

Beth Browdy and David Weiner

Diana Chung and Paul Keitz

Amie and Brian Clarke

Dana De Nault and Nina Lualdi

Gopi Devalcheruvu and Niharika Mohanty

Leslie and Kevin Doohan

Patrick Brennan and Lisane Drouin

Angela and Theodore Dunning

Terri Elliott

Sylvia and Jeff Erickson

Pam and Arthur Evans

Ines and Tim Farris

Judy Fierstein

Allyson Fisch

Glen and Kathleen Furuta

Erin and Eric Garay

Mira and Charles Gillet

Douglas Gottschlich and Helen Popper

Megan and Dave Goulden

James and Kathryn Grandy*

Lisa Hane and Hugh Rienhoff

Heather and Rich Hansen

Diana Hardy and David Viner

Jennifer and Greg Holmes*

The Holmes Family Trust

Deborah House

Casey Inman and Matthew Kowitt

Alistair and Joanna Jeffs*

Rebecca Joslin-Davis and Reggie Davis

Dave and Tiffany P. Karow

Matt and Karen Kaufman*

Diana Chung and Paul Keitz

Jennifer and James Knopf

Kuramoto Family*

Brad and Jessica Langford

John and Susan Leathers

Patty Leeper and Craig Ball

Allison and Tom Liner

Laura and Bret Lizundia

Tricia Lord*

Michelle Mackey*

Joe and Yolanda Mangolini*

Alison Martin

Stephanie and Brian McCollum

Kathleen McGrath and Jeff Diether

Helen Lin and Alexander Simon

Megan and Jim Miller

Paula and Doug Moffitt

Megan and Kevin Murray

Caryn Nadelberg and Matthew Jacob

Elisa Neipp and Rich Rava

Laura and Michael Nibbi

Elizabeth Noerdlinger and Marc Goldburg

Aurelien and Emilie Nolf*

Fred and Jackie Ottino

Nicole Parker

Sharron Penn and Stephen Williams

Lisa Porter and Michael Haas

Courtney and Todd Power

Jeanette M. Price

Allison and Miguel Rosales

Molly and Scott Reynick

Leah Rose-Goodwin and Colin Goodwin

Julie and Jason Satterwhite

Wendy and Michael Sawyer

Cathy and Steven Schechter

Lisa Scheidecker and Andrew Velline

Katherine and Clint Scott

Lois and Steve Silva

Kristin and Bret Smith*

Linda and Lee Solon

Kristin and Bret Smith

Skip and Julie Stallings*

Kurt and Regine Staufenberg

Brian and Dianne Stephens

Susan and Bob Strehlow*

Alissa Talesnick

Lisa and Scott Tyndall

Joseph and Deborah Vasquez

Minerva Vasquez and Philip Meese

Christian Vescia

Christle Waters

Taylor and Jarvis White

Cynthia and Andy Wiggin

Susan and Alan Wintroub

Kim and Chris Woo*

Joseph and Deborah Vasquez

Teresa Yeager

Craig and Sheila  Zeldin

We apologize for errors or omissions. Please email with changes to your listing.


Class of 2020 enrolled in college



AVID graduates accepted to college

Employer Matching Companies

Corporate Matching Donors

See the Employer Matching Gifts page to see if your employer will match your donation.


Abbott Laboratories Employee Giving Campaign




American Endowment Foundation

Amgen Foundation


Applied Materials

Bank of the West

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative


Cisco Community Connection

Dolby Match Program


Electronic Arts (EA)


Equinix, Inc.

Eustace Kwan Foundation


Genentech Givingstation

Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Google Matching Gifts Program



Intel Matching Gifts Program


Johnson & Johnson

Mattson Technology Inc.


McKinsey & Company, Inc.

Micron Technologies


Network for Good


Oath, Inc.


Oracle Corporation Matching Gifts Program

PG&E Corporation Foundation


SAP Matching Gift Program

Safeway Foundation Foundation

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

SMCU Community Fund

Survey Monkey

Synopsis Inc.

Teleflex Foundation

The David & Lucile Packard Foundation

Thermo Fisher

Varian Medical

VISA Givingstation

VMware Foundation

Ventana Medical

Walmart Foundation

Wells Fargo



Family Support

SHSEF provides funding to The Family Support Program, which provides emergency support for Sequoia students and their families in crisis. As a result of COVID-19 and its financial impact, this support is even more critical. The Mask Challenge program provided 1,000+ masks to students and their families.

Mask Challenge 3.jpg
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