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College Bound! The AVID Program Closes Gaps

SHSEF supports the Advancing Via Individual Determination, (AVID) Program at Sequoia, which focuses on closing the opportunity gap for first-gen college-bound students.

For over a decade, AVID has shepherded hundreds of students to academic success. In the 2024 graduating class, all AVID seniors were accepted to a four year college!

The foundation for success starts with SHSEF sponsored “College Day,’” during which all AVID ninth graders visit a college campus. SHSEF also supports program operations, so that the AVID teachers can focus on working with students rather than on raising money.

"My first language, being born to immigrant parents, was Spanish. Growing up in the U.S, I started learning English in preschool. Outside of the house, English quickly became my primary language, but Spanish has always stuck with me. The gift of language has taught me the importance of building meaningful relationships, opening doors to new experiences, shaping my personal and academic life. Multilingualism has allowed me to excel in school, granting me the opportunity to participate and become social media manager for the Latino Student Union club. It has also allowed me to communicate effectively with my peers and teacher in the highest level Spanish class offered at Sequoia, IB Spanish HL Y4, providing a place for where I was able to deepen my understanding of the language and culture. Furthermore, multilingualism was invaluable during my internship this past summer at the Ronald McDonald House of Charities, where I was able to support families and campers as a camp leader.  Embracing both languages, English and Spanish, has truly enriched my life, preparing me for my future endeavors where language will prove itself to be a tool I use within my everyday life." -Teresa A., AVID student


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