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Summer Bridge Expands Access to IB

Among the programs funded by SHSEF is intensive courses offered in the summer to prepare students for IB courses.

“Summer Bridge was great for preparing me for intensity of the IB program and learning how to balance the work load with real life (and a disability that was diagnosed during high school). I was super prepared for college with the IB Certificate Program and the IB learning style continues to support my work in my Master’s program.” - Claire Spickermann, First class of Summer Bridge, BS Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, MS Candidate UC Davis, Horticulture and Agronomy with a focus on Plant Breeding and Genetics
"Summer Bridge history built student confidence who were on the fence about signing up for IB and/or who were worried they had lost all their skills over the summer. With two teachers in the classroom, students were able to get tailored feedback on their identifications, writing, and opcvl answers." - Diana Nguyen, Teacher
"For me, Summer Bridge is all about easing the nerves of students by exposing them to the curriculum and the thinking that it involves, supporting the completion of the mini-versions of the IB assessments, and also getting to know the students. Our goal is to build confidence in students so that they do not feel intimidated by the IB curriculum or that it was the wrong choice to enroll in IB." - Nichole Vaughan, Teacher


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